Too Personal

I read an open letter to a celebrity on the Internet. It must have been written well. Because it motivated me to post a response. However you needed to be a member of the site to post a comment. I tried to sign up. But I was taken aback by the questions on the form to create an account.

Here are some way too personal questions they ask: What is your household income? Do you have kids? Have you voted in the most recent election? What is your political party affiliation?

LOL. What kind of interrogation game are these schmucks running? I am not providing that type of information to these jokers. Note to people running blogs: Make it easy for me to post responses. Otherwise I am not coming back to your blog. Rant off.

Label Frustration

I like to add labels to my Blogger posts. It helps categorize things. This is a plus for my readers as well. There is just one problem with this. Blogger wants to auto-complete the words I type as labels. I guess they use the past labels I have entered to guess. But this is getting in the way of my typing the correct labels I want now.

How the heck do you turn this off? Even Microsoft Word has the ability to cut out this nonsense. Come on Blogger. This is just good user interface design. Don't get in the way of the user who knows what they are doing. Stop frustrating me. Please. I beg you. Don't make me run to another blogging system. We've been together too long.

Googles Sites

It is time to return to Google. Today I am not going to discuss blogger. But I am going to talk about my first experiences with Google Sites. This is a free feature from Google that allows you to design and deploy web sites. I think this was previously known as Google Page Creator, which is currently being phased out and is no longer available to new users.

I found Google Sites pretty intuitive to use. I don't think I ever consulted the online help. But I did manage to bang out a nice looking web site with over 25 pages. It only took one evening. The hardest part of the experience was waiting for the tool to work with very large web pages. Google wants me to upgrade my browser to Google Chrome. Perhaps that will help. But for now I want to stick with my Internet Explorer 6.0. For now I plan to try building some new web sites with Google Sites and see how far it takes me. If it turns out to be anything like Blogger, I will most likely be using it for years to come.