AdSense Payments

I have AdSense ads on my main blog. Instead of using the Blogger support to put generic ads on my blog, I paste in custom Javascript that I get from AdSense. This gives me the advantage of being able to track profits from different sources easily.

So I watch as my earning grow. However a recent annoyance is that Google appears to be cracking down on AdSense accounts. I had to go through 2 separate confirmations that I live at my address and have the phone number I listed. Guess they are combating fraud.

This was just an annoyance though. I will jump through a number of hoops to get my AdSense paycheck. In fact, I thought the phone verification was pretty cool. I chose a time when Google should call me. An automated system call me and asked for my confirmation info. I guess Google has a bunch of programmers working on projects like these.

The bottom line is that, even though blogging is fun, I plan on having even more fun getting paid through Google AdSense.

Subtitles in Templates

Many times I like to have a subtitle section that spans many lines with Google Page Creator. However a number of templates (specified using the Change Look link) do not support multi-line subtitles. I figure the problem must be with me. Maybe subtitles by definition are supposed to be only 1 line deep.

Luckily a couple templates adapt nicely to the multi line subtitle. My problem is that I have many web sites. And I getting to the point where I keep reusing the templates that support mutli line subtitles. I want to be able to create web sites with all the templates. What is a web site developer to do?

A radical plan would be to switch to a web site generator other than Google Pages. But I have invested a lot of time creating domains and content with Google Page Creator. Could there be a way to start with the stock templates, but modify them to accept multi line subtitles?

Perhaps the true solution is staring me in the face: Don't use multi line subtitles. Alas. This will make my job harder. I like to edit the one subtitles and put a lot of stuff in there at once. Other schemes will seriously slow down my web page (and web site) generation speed. My goal is to publish a lot of material. So speed is of the essence. Any ideas?