Compose Mode

I always include a picture on the top of each of my blog posts. However Blogger seems to not want to add the pictures when I upload them. Initially I had to always try inserting the pictures twice. Then it got so that I could hardly add any pictures. Epic fail anyone? I run Internet Explorer 7. Perhaps that it part of the problem. I bet there is no problem with the Chrome browser.

I did find a work around. If I go into Compose mode, then adding pictures normally works the first time around. WTF? I usually an in HTML mode to hand code work arounds for other formatting issues in Blogger surrounding paragraphs. Sheesh. Time for a new CMS I would say. But I have so much invested in my Blogger blogs.

So now I go into Compose mode, add my pics, drop back to HTML mode, and type out my posts. Sometimes the picture disappears when I go to HTML mode. Then I need to start the process all over again. Come on Blogger. Step up your game.

Going Into HTML Mode

Previously I used to use Blogger to write blog posts using Compose mode. I just typed in my text. The output was a sort of WYSIWYG feedback. The resulting posts looked good. I especially liked the ability to put some space between my paragraphs. Then I started to notice that the paragraphs would be bunched up next to each other. Must have been some sort of Blogger update for the worse.

I had invested a lot in my blogs. It would be a chore to rehost them somewhere other than Blogger. So I changed the way I worked with Blogger. I dropped down to using the HTML view to enter my blog posts. I know enough HTML to ensure the paragraphs have space in between them.

I should not have to know HTML to make this happen. Does anyone else notice the spacing problem between paragraphs. Surely someone other than me is experiencing this fail. Good thing Blogger has me tied down to the platform.