Compose Mode

I always include a picture on the top of each of my blog posts. However Blogger seems to not want to add the pictures when I upload them. Initially I had to always try inserting the pictures twice. Then it got so that I could hardly add any pictures. Epic fail anyone? I run Internet Explorer 7. Perhaps that it part of the problem. I bet there is no problem with the Chrome browser.

I did find a work around. If I go into Compose mode, then adding pictures normally works the first time around. WTF? I usually an in HTML mode to hand code work arounds for other formatting issues in Blogger surrounding paragraphs. Sheesh. Time for a new CMS I would say. But I have so much invested in my Blogger blogs.

So now I go into Compose mode, add my pics, drop back to HTML mode, and type out my posts. Sometimes the picture disappears when I go to HTML mode. Then I need to start the process all over again. Come on Blogger. Step up your game.