Google Staffing

Google has reported that they hired a whopping 4500 people this past year. And they anticipate 2011 to be an even bigger hiring year. Their previous record was 2007 when they hired 6000 people.

There are a lot of big new projects going on at Google. They are working on a web operating system. They are doing work on instant search. And there is even a project to have a computer drive a car.

All of this is very interesting to me. I had thought I heard rumors that Google actually laid off employees last year. Let's hope that they are actually hiring people. The economy needs it.

Blogger Basics

I just finished skimming through one of those dummies guides to using Blogger. Strangely enough, many of the ideas in the book were more geared towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I do want to point out some of the Blogger specific information I learned.

Blogger might make blogging simple. However the Blogger platform is not for beginners. You can do some more advanced stuff with it if you like. Here is something I do not practice that much myself. You should fill in your profile as it is very important to your readers. Put the best info at the top of your profile.

By now you should know that Blogger provides you with templates to guide how your blog will look. However you may opt to use third party templates. That will ensure you blog does not look like everybody else's. Finally you should get in the habit of writing controversial pieces. It will cause a stir and that is good for your blog.