You Don't Have Mail

Gmail was down hard yesterday for around 2 whole hours. It was a compound problem where some boxes were down for maintenance, and then some problems happened. I guess it was a case of Murphy's law. Luckily I have no mission critical mail that comes to my Gmail accounts. Some other businesses were not that lucky.

I did not pay much attention to what Google had to say about the outage. In my mind, I figured Google would work the issue as fast as humanly possible. Others were happy with how Google handled the situation. They are a big company. They have the damage control team firing on all cylinders. Good work Google PR people. You might be doing some evil, but the people don't hate you yet.

Online Dating Tips

I came across a study of online dating site OkCupid that was quite the find. They looked to see what type of messages got the best returns. I found the analysis on men messaging females was the best.

Here is the conclusion: Send a lot of short messages. Even though a short message may not give you a high probability of scoring for any one potential match, you get a better overall return on investment. That is, you can send more short messages to a lot of people. In the end you will get more responses.

The real killer from this post was the phrases in your message that would give you a better chance at getting a reply. The best phrases to use are awesome, sorry, haha, and pretty. The worst phrases to use are ur, im, hit, wanna, and beautiful. Go figure. Pretty is better than beautiful.

Hapi Spammers

Recently I was going to add a new post to my blog. That's when I found something weird. Somebody left a comment to my last post. This was confusing because I thought I turned comments off on the blog. I double checked and they were turned off. So I investigated.

This took me to the Hapi blog hosted on Blogger. They had a lot of views on the profile. There was a bunch of technical information for blogging. That is when I understood. The schmucks were spamming comments on blogs. They must have found a way to automatically post blog comments on blogs. The script even bypassed the option of comments being turned off.

That was a bit disappointing. Spammers are evil. There is nothing happy about Hapi. I won't even give them a link. Why send my readers to the spam box? Somebody should teach these bums a lesson. Maybe Google (Blogger) can set them straight for their evil deeds.