Line Feed Failure

Recently I have found a weird behavior in Blogger. I press the Enter key when I am typing text in new posts to separate paragraphs. However once my blog post gets published, the carriage return and line feeds disappear. The result is that all my text is in one big blob on my blog.

Now I know a little HTML. So I go back and manually edit my posts. I click on the Edit HTML tab. Then I put in some HTML to force hard breaks between my paragraphs. However I should not have to do all this. Come on Blogger? What are you doing?

The Blogroll

I have not had a lot of time to talk about blogging recently. That's in part because I have been learning the JavaScript language. This might be a temporary fad. I really see myself getting deeper into writing code using Java this year.

If I do get proficient at Java, I think I might have a shot at getting a job with IBM Corporation. They got some interesting enterprise level projects that I have a great interest in. I also have the domain knowledge to back it up.

With the rise of FaceBook, some think blogging may become extinct. I have not caught the FaceBook buzz. For me, blogging is the best way of mass distributing information in an easy way. I plan to continue blogging in the future.