Hapi Spammers

Recently I was going to add a new post to my blog. That's when I found something weird. Somebody left a comment to my last post. This was confusing because I thought I turned comments off on the blog. I double checked and they were turned off. So I investigated.

This took me to the Hapi blog hosted on Blogger. They had a lot of views on the profile. There was a bunch of technical information for blogging. That is when I understood. The schmucks were spamming comments on blogs. They must have found a way to automatically post blog comments on blogs. The script even bypassed the option of comments being turned off.

That was a bit disappointing. Spammers are evil. There is nothing happy about Hapi. I won't even give them a link. Why send my readers to the spam box? Somebody should teach these bums a lesson. Maybe Google (Blogger) can set them straight for their evil deeds.