My company does not have a Human Resources department that does hiring. That work is farmed out to subcontractors. Our team has the need to hire a number of people. However the recruiters were having trouble finding qualified individuals to interview. The problem is that we are looking for very specific skills which are hard to find. The skills are legacy skills that were prevalent 10 years ago. People have mostly moved on.

Most candidates provided by the recruiters were just not a good fit for the positions. I got a call from a team within recruitment about a new way to find highly qualified candidates. The recruiter had taken a look at my company blog. Luckily I had listed the skills I have and use for my job on there. I also had a blog roll for other great blogs that I read.

Here is the plan that recruitment had. They would use the blogs in my blog roll, in addition to any other groups that might have people who could do the job. They would then use those as sources for people to try to interview for our requisitions. So my corporate blog was working in multiple ways for recruitment. It helped them get insight into what I do. It also helped point them to like minded people to help find the right skill set.

So if you host a blog or post comments to other popular ones, you may have recruiters from my company watching you. They may further get in contact with you to see if they can get you to join us. Blogging is serving some extra purposes here. And I like that.