Product Blog

I want to put up a blog to gain eyeballs to a product web site I need to put up. It seems the simplest thing would be to use Blogger. Now I do not want to run off the blogspot domain. Blogger lets you host the blog anywhere. Here is the question. Is Blogger the right choice?

One of the reasons I am contemplating jumping to another content management system is that I have been having problems with Blogger. The thing seems to mess up the formatting of my post when I put a picture in there. For now my work around is to work in Edit Html mode. However that is not the best for me. I am not sure if Blogger does not support my browser, or if it just a bug, or what. I do know this is a major inconvenience.

I have also browsed around to see what other people are doing. Many sitemasters recommend Wordpress. I have never used the thing. But I am tying out new things. Maybe I should give it a test run. Either way I am going to be making my decision soon. Right after I get a domain, I will want to drive traffic there immediatly. What better way to do that than to start up and regularly write posts to a blog?