Adsense Channels

The latest blogger allows you to easily add Google AdSense to your blog. You just go to your template, click "Add a Page Element", and choose "Add To Blog" under AdSense. This will bring up a dialog with many options to customize the AdSense ads.

I did this for a while. However I have a number of web pages and blogs which take advantage of AdSense. And I like to track which pages and ideas are generating me the best money. So I use Google channels to track each ad type differently. The method previously described does not allow you to choose an AdSense channel.

However you can use channels with your blogger blogs. You still click "Add a Page Element". But instead of choosing "Add To Blog" under AdSense, you choose it under HTML/Javascript. Then you paste in the AdSense HTML code from your AdSense page. The normal AdSense ad configuration page has the option to choose a channel for your ads. And this HTML code has the channel information built in.