In it to Win it

I read a story about the founder of whateverlife, a web site to help you spice up your myspace page. This was a high school girl with a rags to riches story. It was very inspiring. After reading about her I decided to blog myself. So far I have been experimenting.

Now I am reading my third book about blogging. The first book I read was Make Easy Money with Google. That was a little too simplified. I am a programmer by trade and can handle deep topics. The second book I read was the Adsense Code. This one was more exciting and much deeper. Currently I am getting near the end of Blogging Heroes. This one is very interesting.

I plan to chronicle my experience with blogging in general here. Let it be known that I use Blogger exclusively for my blogging needs. And so far I am using just the basics of blogger. Once I tried to host my blog at another sight but still use the blogger software. That experiment failed because my web host was weak. But that is a story for another post.