HTML Tables

I have not been doing much blogging lately. Instead I have been working with Google Page Creator to put together a web site. I often find the need to display tabular data. And at first I tried putting the items in a list and spacing them apart manually. However this turned out to be a bad idea. The spacing got messed up.

So I turned to HTML tables. This required me to click "Edit HTML" to code my own markup. But it was worth it in the end. Which of these two tabular data displays looks better:

Software Maintenance Oracle Development
Software Management Surfing the INTERNET

Software MaintenanceOracle Development
Software ManagementSurfing the INTERNET

The second one is better, right? It just seems neater. Alignment is clean. You know exactly where the end of each link is. And this effect is more pronounced for tabular data with more rows and columns. Simple tables are easy to code up in HTML. I wish I had thought about this before I started doing my web site without tables. I know I will be smarter when I start my next web site.