Trip to Page Creator

For the most part I use Blogger to do a lot of blogging. But sometimes you really need a web site and not a blog. Being partial to Google, I have used Google Page Creator to make some sites. But I think something must not be right with Page Creator. After I have created about 20 or so pages, the thing seems to really slow down. My work around has been to close Internet Explorer and start it up again to do the rest of the pages.

Another thing that irks me about Page Creator is that sometimes I want to embed some Javascript in a field. Page Creator lets me edit the raw HTML. However there is some logic built in that detects that there is no static text in a field and deletes my Javascript. Not nice. As with most things, I have a work around for this. I ensure the first item in each field is some static text. But this limitation is cramping my style.

All in all Page Creator is pretty good. The price is right (free). Free use of the tool. Free space to host pages on Google. What more can you ask for? Wait. Don't answer that.